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When Is an Extraction Needed?

Depending on the type of injury or extent of damage to your tooth, chances are that your dentist will try to save the tooth through a ottoh extractionrestorative treatment like a filling, crown or root canal therapy. But if the damage or decay is too severe, the tooth may have to be extracted (removed) in order to prevent further damage. Dr. Stephen DeFusco and Dr. Heba Alani offer emergency and restorative dental services in Bloomfield, PA.

Dental Extractions in Bloomfield, PA

Extractions are usually considered a last resort, but if a tooth is damaged beyond repair, removing it is sometimes the best option to eliminate pain, infection, and to restore function and the cosmetic aspect of your smile. Most adults will have at least one, usually all of their wisdom teeth routinely extracted. They may be impacted, or cause crowding which can affect your whole smile. But any tooth can be extracted if more conservative treatment methods fail or are not enough to save the tooth.

Your tooth may need to be extracted due to:

  • Trauma (a severe break above or below the gumline)
  • Severe tooth decay (if there is not enough healthy tooth surface left for a dental filling or crown)
  • Crowding (sometimes teeth are extracted if there is not enough room for the other teeth/to relieve significant bite and alignment issues)

If your dentist determines that an extraction is necessary, the tooth is removed through a simple or surgical extraction depending on the cause and extent of damage. Surgical extractions are usually necessary if the tooth is impacted or for severe breaks where the remaining portion of the tooth is under the gums.

There are a number of options available to replace an extracted tooth, such as crowns and bridgework or dental implants.

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